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Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering
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Kansas City Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering


Among the industries and businesses that exist, the types of signage that are seen as the most popular are dimensional letters and channel letters.

Kansas City Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering channel letter building storefront outdoor 300x205Because of how versatile and flexible these types are, channel and dimensional letter signs can be customized to fit any brand and design. Fully customized signs or signs with illuminated parts, or flat letters can be created by us for you.

In the local Kansas City area, Kansas City Sign Company offers services to create signs that are top of the line and with your specific budget.

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Storefront Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letter SignChannel letter signs are more frequently requested by businesses than any other sign from us. These signs have individual elements that are cut from metal and made into one three dimensional whole. The elements can images, symbols, letters, or even numbers. Once they are made, they can be secured to a business using a raceway sign or backing frame, or they can be placed against the business directly, making a flush look. Finalizing of the sign involves putting an acrylic top on the channel to help it withstand the elements. Any color is available for the signs, and they can also be transparent.

The signs can be used to show logos, spell out names or even entire slogans. Through the ability to choose size, font, color, and styles, the signs can be customized in a variety of ways. Icons and images can also be added, as the channels for the sign are formed by hand.

People may have noticed that churches, schools, shopping centers, grocery stores, office buildings, malls, and retail stores all have channel letter signs.

Dimensional Letters

Storefront SignThe other most popular sign type, dimensional letter signs, share something with channel letter signs. At first glance, anyone may notice that the two sign types are made by creating elements individually. Where these signs start to differentiate is in how they’re made and what’s in them. Dimensional letters are made by cutting pieces from solid sheets of material, be it metal, acrylic, or something else. On the other hand, channel letters contain a channel that is formed when they are made. This channel makes it possible for the sign to illuminate. The signs can be customized by style, font, and even thickness, making flat and deep varieties available.

Signs that take advantage of dimensional lettering for brand promotion can be supplied by Kansas City Sign Company and they’ll be among some of the strongest, highest quality signs available.

Restaurants, malls, manufacturing areas, offices, and retail stores are prime locations for dimensional letter signs.

Backlit & Illuminated Signs

Lighted SignSince channel letters can implement LED lights, they can give a business a more visual impact and make it more noticeable. Poor weather and low light conditions make it harder for customers to see, but the LED lighting solves that problem by making the signs bright enough. From the initial designs of the design to the final installation process, we can do everything that you need.

Kansas City, MO businesses operating during the dark hours of the night and evening will especially need a channel letter sign with backlighting. The difference between businesses that have these signs and ones that don’t is surprising.

Coffee shops, nightclubs, gas stations, and convenience stores make up a good portion of the businesses that have backlit channel letter signs. Any business beyond these can also benefit from having such a sign.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

The members of our Kansas City staff promise to work together to give you the best possible product on time, and will give you all the help you need. As a business partner, we can be with you for a long time.

Call Kansas City Sign Company today at (816) 656-3114 for a Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation!