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Lansing Indoor Signs
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Lansing Indoor Signs


The quality and style of your indoor signs tell your customers a lot about you and your business. Are they bright, welcoming, and helpful? Are they complementary and brand cohesive? Are they attractive with a professional finish?

Attractive Custom Lobby SignToo often, businesses focus on their attraction outdoor signage for the exterior of their building, such as flag signs, a-frame signs, and window signs, neglecting the fact that indoor signage should be a reflection and extension of the promise the storefront or business facade has made. Every Lansing business needs an attractive storefront sign to entice customers inside. Once they choose to enter your business, they should be able to easily understand what to do next and be able to navigate your facility to find the things that they need.

This is where indoor signage comes in. Indoor signs are there to make your customers life, and your job, easier. They promote your brand, reassure the customer they have come to the right place, inform them of special promotions, or help them find their way.

67% have made a purchase because of a Sign

The right indoor signs for your facilities will depend on your business type, physical layout of your location, and personal desires. An office space may need an attractive, brand-building lobby sign and room identification markers, while a retail store will need product displays and point of sale signage. We assist you in determining the perfect signage blend for your business, and can handle all types of indoor signage, from vinyl signs to illuminated signs, dimensional lettering, hanging banners, and more.

Call Kansas City Sign Company at (816) 656-3114 to schedule a site evaluation to determine what interior signs you need to improve your visitor experience.

Cohesive Indoor Signs for Business

If you have an office, retail store, a service organization, an educational facility, a church, a government building, a non-profit, or any other facility or business, indoor signs play an important part in your visitor’s experience. What would happen if your business had no signage at all? What would a visitor do when they walked in the door? Most likely, they would look for an employee to ask for assistance. You would need to have a full staff dedicated to support, providing your wifi password, directing traffic, and even explaining your business philosophy. Signs do a lot to support your business flow, allowing you to ensure your staff is located where they are most effective and providing your customers and guests the information they need to confidently navigate your business.

Kansas City Sign Company creates all of the cohesive business signs you need to keep your business running smoothly, including ADA/Accessibility signs, attractive wall logo signs, wayfinding signage, point of purchase (POP) signs, interior banners, and many other indoor signs for business, produced to your specifications, on-time and within budget.

Indoor Signage Services

Custom Sign CreationA successful Lansing, MO business starts with creating trust. Professional, cohesive signage tells your visitors you are a professional, in it for the long-haul. The dedicated team at Kansas City Sign Company works with you to select the right elements for your brand personality, from appropriate fonts to the perfect shade of color that works best in your space and for your brand. We create individual signs that stand out or complementary signage collections for the ultimate in brand cohesion.

If you currently have signage in place but need to update or add additional elements, we develop cohesive custom signs to perfectly complement or contrast with your existing signs. If you currently have no signage at all, we can conceptualize, design, manufacture, and install the perfect indoor signage collection for your business.

Our indoor signs include:

Need cohesive outdoor signs to attract more customers? We create every sign your business needs for a complete, branded look inside and out!

Call Kansas City Sign Company at (816) 656-3114 to learn more about all of our signage options!

Full-Service Indoor Sign Manufacturers

Custom Wall Mural InstalledKansas City Sign Company is a full-service sign manufacturer, meaning that we take care of every phase of your signage project. We start with a free indoor sign consultation, where we discuss your signage needs and goals. We provide on-site evaluations so we can get a firm understanding of your current signage, allowing us to make the best possible signage recommendations for you.

After we have agreed on the types of signs you would like produced, our graphic designers will begin to conceptualize your sign design. While they work within the defined project scope and utilize your brand elements and guidelines, we will provide you with a sample to review prior to sign fabrication. Critically review your project proof to ensure it is accurate, correct, and in-line with your needs and branding. We only move forward with the project once we have your approval of your sample.

We utilize state-of-the-art machines and materials to fabricate your indoor signs, banners, murals, and graphics. Quality control is done throughout the project to ensure production is in-line with both the design and our manufacturing standards.

Depending on the complexity and scope of your signage project, we can provide complete installation services, or can provide you with the completed elements for self-installation. We recommend professional installation of any business signage to ensure you have a professional, polished finish that will impress your customers, guests, and make you and your employees proud long-term.

Free Expert Indoor Sign Consultation

Kansas City Sign CompanyKansas City Sign Company provides the attractive, cohesive indoor signs your Lansing business needs to keep everything running smoothly. From making it easy to navigate your facility to increasing your average sale, we manufacture the perfect indoor signs to help you accomplish your business goals. We look forward to impressing you with our friendly customer support, expert sign design skills, and superior sign creation.

For a Free Consultation with our Indoor Sign Expert, contact Kansas City Sign Company at (816) 656-3114.