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Riverside Outdoor Signs


Kansas City Sign Company is your local Riverside destination for every of your outdoor sign your business needs, including storefront and building signs, outdoor banners, window signs, yard signs, vehicle wraps, and other exterior commercial signs. We create impactful, attractive signs that bring more people into your business, giving you the opportunity to convert them into customers, clients, and buyers.

Outdoor SignsHigh-quality exterior business signs highlight your brand and create an initial brand impression for many passersby. Chances are, this is the first time they have ever seen or heard about your business, and your building facade needs to let them know who you are and what you can provide them if you want to attract them inside and win them as a customer. Kansas City Sign Company understands what it takes to create a professional image that is brand cohesive, and allows you to stand out from all the other elements competing for the attention of your potential customer.

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

Custom Sign InstallationKansas City Sign Company offers a complete selection of outdoor business signs, handling all facets of sign design, production, and installation. We can use your existing branding guidelines for creating your exterior signage, or our designers can work with you to create new signage and branding guidelines that can be used for not only this signage project, but for all future sign projects as well to ensure cohesion across all branding efforts.

In addition to our custom sign design services, we also provide local fabrication and installation of your custom exterior signs. Whether you are looking for promotional or permanent signage, we ensure that everything is manufactured properly and according to your approved design sample. If your sign requires local permitting before installation, we begin this process early to avoid any potential delays in your projected time frame.

67% have made a purchase because of a signOur installation experts ensure that your sign is safely and securely adhered, meeting all government requirements for safe sign installation. This means that any electrical elements will be properly attached and protected from weathering, the sign will be installed level and with secure footing to ensure safety to those who may pass by below the sign. We create attractive outdoor signs that not only assist you in reaching your business goals, but that you will be proud to call your own for many years to come.

Storefront Signs

Flour + Co Hanging Sign

There are unlimited ways to promote your business location. Storefront signs or building signs are not only one of the most popular places for a business to start, they are also the most important! Your storefront sign does more than attract new customers into your store.

A quality storefront sign lets people know that your business exists, and improves the job satisfaction for your staff as it makes your business feel more permanent and reputable. It can also assist you in getting the funding you need to start or grow your business. Just as it makes your employees feel more confident in the stability of your business, a storefront sign does the same for financial institutions who are considering assisting you with business funding.

There are many different types of storefront and building signs. We discuss your business goals and brand personality to help you determine the best choice for your Riverside, MO business needs.

Channel Letter & Dimensional Letter Signs

Premier Physicians Channel Letter SignOne of the most common storefront sign types is channel letter or dimensional letter signs. Dimensional lettering is typically created from individual cut letters, created from many different material options such as acrylic or metal. These 3-d signs are attractive and professional, working for many different business types.

Channel letters are similar to dimensional letters, only instead of a solid letter, they are created through individual cut metal elements with an acrylic face, perfectly aligned and secured to a backing frame.

Either type allows you the ultimate in customization, with virtually unlimited options in colors, fonts, sizes, and styles.

Popular with many business types, channel letter signs are office buildings, retail stores, grocery stores, malls and shopping centers, churches, schools, and other organizations.

Backlit Channel Letter Signs

Michael Kors Storefront Sign Channel Letter Sign BacklitBecause of the empty area within channel letters, these signs perfectly lend themselves to internal lighting. This illuminates the lettering, making it clearly visible after dark and in adverse weather conditions. LED lighting now makes illuminated signs more affordable than ever before, making them a great option for many business types that are open late. We provide expert installation so that your electrical signs are not only high-performing and long-lasting, but safe to operate and attractive in all conditions.

These types of signs are perfect for businesses open late, such as theaters, convenience stores, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, comedy clubs, coffee shops, and gas stations.

Canopy & Awning Signs

Custom Building Sign & Awning SignAwning signs can serve as a building sign for your business storefront, or can be part of a signage package for your building. Canopy and awning signs offer your storefront and customers protection from the elements while promoting your brand in an attractive way. They can be made from many different materials, but the most popular choice is a stretched canvas with your message printed directly onto the fabric. The fabric is then stretched and adhered to a support structure and fitted above your entrance or windows of your business.

Awning signs are chosen because of their boutique feel and are popular for hair and nail salons, jewelry stores, coffee shops, specialty shops, art galleries, hotels, and shopping centers that desire, or require, uniformity.

Monument Signs

custom monument sign for montessori schoolMonument signs are a free-standing signage element that creates an impressive entrance to your facilities. Completely custom manufactured, monument signs are made of a durable, long-lasting material such as stone, brick, or marble, manufactured to your specifications. Monument signs let people know that you are in it for the long-haul, expressing durability and longevity to those who see them. Monument signs typically feature your most important business information, such as business name, address, tagline or slogan, and key services.

Monument signs are often found at entrances to corporate facilities, manufacturing plants, churches, schools and universities, private clubs, and resorts.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

Custom Pole & Pylon SignPole Signs and Pylon Signs are made for attracting attention with their impressive height and presence. Pole signs are typically intended to be seen from far away, such as drawing customers off the interstate to a gas station. Pylon signs can be used as tenant signs for shopping centers, and can have electrical elements such as backlighting, or integrated digital messaging centers. Far-reaching and with a big impact, these large and in charge signs provide outstanding visibility for your business, towering over your neighboring businesses, giving you the competitive edge.

Pole and Pylon signs are typically utilized by shopping centers, gas stations, fast food restaurants, and other high-traffic areas, such as near major interstates or roadways.

Exterior Business Signage

Your exterior business signs can be used for business identification or for promotion. At Kansas City Sign Company, we assist with custom sign creation, meaning we will fabricate the perfect outdoor signage collection for your needs, supporting you in reaching your business goals. From building signs to outdoor banners, flag signs, a-frame signs, vehicle wraps, and window signs, we handle every aspect of your outdoor signage project, from concept to final installation.

Our custom exterior signs include:

Kansas City Sign Company helps your business get found! With attractive design, professional fabrication, and expert installation, we are your Riverside provider for expert business signage, both indoors and out!

Free Expert Outdoor Sign Consultation

Kansas City Sign CompanyAttractive, durable outdoor signs let your potential customers and passerby what your business is all about. Your storefront sign is your single largest driver of traffic into your business, so one that accurately reflects your branding and business personality is paramount. Whether you need a large building sign, or are looking for promotional signage for your business, we have the tools, resources, and knowledge to ensure your signage is impactful, serving as an effective marketing tool and customer generator for your business.

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