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Are you looking for a professional local sign company to create high-quality, attractive business signage that builds your brand awareness and supports your business goals?

Custom Building Sign & Awning Sign

Kansas City Sign Company, located in Riverside, MO, is your signage partner for eye-catching, durable commercial signs for your building, storefront, lobby, vehicle, or any other business promotion, identification, or customer support need your business may have. From custom building signs to entire business sign collections, Kansas City Sign Company is your one-stop shop for all of your professional signage needs.

Complete Commercial Signage Company

Custom Lobby SignsAs a full-service sign-making company, we handle every step of your project from your Free Consultation through professional installation and clean-up. Working with Kansas City Sign Company means that you get the benefit of our knowledge and experience, which translates into higher efficiency, lower costs, and faster production times, all allowing us to provide you with outstanding service and support. As a local sign manufacturing company, our team enjoys getting to know our local business neighbors. We look forward to creating a long-term working partnership with your business, just as we have with many others in our community.

Our project managers are selected based on their ability to perform efficiently and with great attention to detail. Your project manager will oversee all the various aspects of the creation of your signage, paying attention to the fine details required for an attractively designed, properly manufactured, and seamlessly installed sign. When you partner with Kansas City Sign Company, you can be confident that you are getting a partner who is dedicated to your satisfaction and your success, creating business signage elements that are sure to impress you, as well as your clients and customers.

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Signs That Work For You

67% have made a purchase because of a Sign

Kansas City Sign Company assists with all of your commercial sign needs. We have a full staff, able to provide expert sign design, sign fabrication, and sign installation. All of our work is handled at our full-service, state-of-the-art sign shop located right here in Riverside, MO. Our dedicated, talented sign creation professionals are skilled in utilizing your branding, logo, and ideas to create signage that works for your business and assists you in meeting your growth goals. Looking to project a professional image with attractive, custom outdoor signage? Want to assist customers with facility navigation through cohesive indoor signs? Looking to promote a special event or attending a trade show? Kansas City Sign Company creates the right signage for your needs and desires, custom-created to suit your brand standards.

Creative and industrious, our experienced team is dedicated to creating a professional image for your brand and business. Through the use of impactful, eye-catching signs and graphics, we can assist you in garnering more business in the competitive Riverside market.

Signs For All RiversideBusiness Types

projecting sign and awning signEvery business has unique signage needs. However, most businesses fall into general categories that have similar needs, such as service providers, retail stores, professional services, office buildings, manufacturing, and government/non-profit organizations.

Our staff is skilled at understanding how these different niches and industries attract, engage, and assist new clients, allowing us to best identify and make appropriate recommendations for the right signage blend for your business.

Want to improve your brand recognition, focusing on attracting the right kind of customers? Your business signage says a lot about your business and brand, from the attractiveness of your building sign to the professionalism of your restroom signs. Cohesive, high-quality signage shows your customers that you not only invested in your business, you are also attentive to detail, all of which are qualities that are important to a buyer when selecting who they will do business with.

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Outdoor & Exterior Signs

Exterior SignageEye-catching exterior signage is the #1 reason consumers stop in a local business they have never visited before. (International Sign Association, 2017)

This means that the best place to start promoting your brand and business is with impactful, attractive exterior signs for your building facade or storefront. The specific blend of outdoor signs you need for your business to accomplish your goals regarding attraction, conversion, and retention of clients and customers is dependent on many factors, such as your business brand, location, and desires.

We listen to your needs and desires, analyze your location and facilities, and create the perfect sign or signage blend to get your business noticed, from channel letter signs to roof signs, hanging signs, pole/pylon signs, monument signs, outdoor banners, lighted signs and more. The right blend ultimately results in more foot traffic for your business, leading to more clients, customers, and sales.

Indoor & Interior Signs

Attractive Custom Lobby SignsIndoor signs must deliver the promise your outdoor signage has made to your guests. Attractive, impactful, and cohesive with your brand messaging and other signage elements, they welcome your visitors and assist them in easily navigating your facility. Interior signs tell your customers and clients what to do next, without them having to question or ask.

There are many different types of interior signs, suited for different business types. Offices use attractive lobby signage to promote their brand, while retail stores promote products with promotional signs. Manufacturing plants require safety signage, while schools need room identification signs. Every business requires some form of ADA and wayfinding signage and can benefit from vinyl signs like wall murals.

There are virtually unlimited customization options within each of these signage types. We recommend materials and styles of signage that suit your branding, location, and support your business goals, making us the ideal signage provider for all of your sign and graphic needs.

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Custom Commercial Van WrapNothing increases your brand visibility better than commercial vehicle wraps. Kansas City Sign Company is your local provider of professional vehicle wraps. With creative designers, a detail-oriented fabrication process, and expert installation services, we ensure that your vehicle branding is brand cohesive, with an attractive layout that complements your vehicle shape.

We wrap everything! From vans and work trucks to semis and trailers, we create attractive commercial vehicle wraps for any business type or vehicle. Whether you are a service provider, such as a contractor or landscaper, a home-based business, food truck, fleet of commercial vehicles, or want graphics for your corporate or government vehicles, we can do it, fast and efficiently.

We understand that brand recognition stems from repetition. The more someone sees your brand, the more familiar it becomes to them. The idea of “seeing your business everywhere” makes you feel like a large, trustworthy business that clearly has a strong local presence. This gives people all sorts of warm fuzzy feelings about your brand, and when it is reinforced with a professional storefront and cohesive interior, the only thing left is to make the sale.

Vinyl Signs & Graphics

Riverside Sign Company indoor lobby wall mural waiting room vinyl 300x225 300x225Eye-catching vinyl signs, graphics, wraps, and banners are a useful companion for your business of any size. If you are looking for a strategy for attracting attention to your business storefront, supporting patrons when they are navigating your facilities, or need to boost interest in a special event, sale or promotion, our vinyl sign and graphic professionals offer the perfect vinyl signage for your company.

We are your all-inclusive vinyl banners vendor, delivering you comprehensive sign printing services, including graphic design, fabrication, and installation. This allows us to quickly produce all of the high-impact custom signs and graphics your organization desires.

If it’s professional lettering, vinyl clings, decals, wraps, banners, floor graphics or a complete vinyl signage set you are desiring, our vinyl graphic professionals manage your custom signs and graphics project with skill, talent, and we pay attention to every single detail.

Custom Signs

custom dimensional letteringEverything about your business, from your physical building and facilities to your specific offering or product blend, is unique. Why should your signage be anything different?

We craft custom business signs that match your brand personality, suit your purposes, and drive the customer behaviors that you most desire. From outfitting an entire location with attractive custom signage to trade show display elements or simply custom banners, we handle everything including on-site evaluations, custom design, fabrication and even installation of your business signs.

Looking for something completely unique or out of the box? Challenge us! Our creative staff loves to work on quirky, funky, or original projects that allow us to truly stretch our creative muscles and test our problem-solving skills. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project for you, and will give you a feasibility and cost analysis so you can determine if a custom sign is right for you.

Call Kansas City Sign Company at (816) 656-3114 for a Free Consultation with a custom signs specialist!

Our Process

Free Consultation

Free Consultation with Sign Expert

The process begins with your free expert consultation. We get to know you, understand your business goals, and determine what type of signage will best support those goals. We will discuss various signage types and materials, and create a quote for the project. We will begin setting time frames for design, manufacturing, and installation, so you can get a complete idea of what the process will entail.

We will also gladly answer any questions you may have, whether they are about our company, our products, or how you can best outfit your facility with impactful signage that performs a service for your business.

Sign Design

Custom Sign Design

Once we have settled on the specific sign types we will be creating for you, and have any creatives you may have such as logo files, colors, or just general information about the look and feel you are going for, we move to the design phase. Utilizing our expert graphic designers to create a custom design for your signage makes it easy to ensure that the designs are made in the proper format, with the correct parameters for exact replication by our machines. That means that the sample you see will be as close as possible to your completed sign, allowing you to get a true feel for what it will look like once installed on-site.

We ask that you critically review your proof for any changes, edits, or adjustments you may need. Once your proof has been approved, it will be immediately sent to our fabrication team for manufacturing to avoid project delays, so it is imperative that everything is exactly as you want it to be.

Sign Creation

Custom Sign Manufacturing

During the fabrication stage, we take the files our designer has provided and turn them into your physical sign. Fabrication is handled right here on-site at Kansas City Sign Company by our experienced, detail-oriented sign manufacturing team, utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly materials. Our proactive approach to manufacturing allows us to maximize our materials while streamlining our processes, resulting in both cost and time savings for your project.

If your project requires support structures like banner stands, holders, or electrical components, we will source those early on to ensure everything is ready on-time.

Sign Installation

Custom Sign Installation

Professional installation makes all the difference in your final product. Required for many sign types, such as electrical signs or building signs, expert installers ensure that signs are safely and securely attached, and that all elements are functioning properly. There are often specific parameters for sign installation, both from legal and impact standpoints that you may not be aware of, but that our sign experts are well-versed in. For example, we know the proper heights for ADA signage, how big letters need to be to be seen from a particular distance, and exactly where your letters should be installed for best impact.

We will check ahead of time to see if your project will require permitting, and will assist with permitting and local code compliance if required for your location.

Our Commitment To You

Kansas City Sign Company

At Kansas City Sign Company, we amplify your message through high-quality, attractive business signs that help you meet your business goals.

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, and will support you through every stage of sign ownership for your custom signage products. If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. Let us know, and we will do everything we can to make it right for you.

As an experienced, dedicated Kansas City Sign Company, we can’t wait to get to work for you!

Contact Kansas City Sign Company today at (816) 656-3114 for your Free Consultation with a Signs & Graphics expert!