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Smithville Vehicle Wraps
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Smithville Vehicle Wraps


Vehicle wraps and commercial car graphics are growing in popularity for Smithville business promotion. Not only do they provide a high-level of visibility for your business, they add to the professionalism of your brand.

Custom Commercial Van WrapMany businesses find that some part of their business consists of travel or transport in some shape or form. Whether they are delivering products from one location to another, assisting clients at their homes, or traveling around town for meetings and appointments, your business vehicles provide an excellent opportunity for you to increase your brand visibility. Marketing your business needs to be something that you do everyday, everywhere you go, and a custom commercial vehicle wrap will allow you to do exactly that.

Smithville Vehicle Wraps vehicle wrap options

Kansas City Sign Company provides many different options for your vehicle graphics, providing you with different coverage options for your needs and budget. Our experienced vehicle graphic designers will provide you with advice and recommendations based on your desired final look and feel and the messaging you want to promote. Whether you have one food truck or an entire fleet of delivery vehicles, we have the right vehicle wrap solution for your business needs.

Attractive Fleet Wraps & Graphics

Custom Fleet Vehicle WrapsPromotional ad wraps for corporate and commercial vehicles are a great way to get the word out about your business everywhere you go. If your business uses multiple vehicles and vehicle types to perform services or business functions, we can assist with creating the perfect advertisements for your box trucks, cargo vans, trailers, semis, and even corporate cars. Our design professionals can utilize your branding and customize cohesive designs for all of your vehicle types, allowing your message to be perfectly displayed no matter which vehicle you choose to take on the road.

Vinyl wraps are a great tool for business promotion, but that isn’t the only purpose they serve. Custom branded vehicles improve your customer perception and increase confidence in your ability to perform services expertly and professionally. Any business that travels to the homes of clients or customers is an ideal fit for vehicle graphics, such as contractors, landscapers, delivery services, cable or internet installation companies, or exterminators can benefit from vehicle branding. It can be nervewracking to a homeowner for a white van to show up outside their home, bringing back feelings of stranger danger. A custom wrap will instantly relieve those feelings, starting you off on the right foot before you even ring the doorbell.

Your Designs, Perfected

97% of people remember ads placed on commercial vehiclesDo you have a complete design in mind already, or do you need a bit of help coming up with the perfect vehicle advertisement for your business? Regardless of your stage in the design process, our talented vehicle graphic designers will work with you to ensure that your layout is brand cohesive, attractive, and complementary to the curves of your vehicle. We assist with creating a clean, impactful wrap that highlights your most important brand features without information overload. From complete custom wrap designs to individual graphic elements or text, we help you determine the appropriate size, fonts, colors, and placement for maximum impact on your vehicle.

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Vinyl Graphics, Partial Wraps, & Magnets

Not every business finds that a full auto wrap for their fleet or business vehicles is a feasible option for them. You may have budget restrictions, live in a signage restricted area, or may service many different businesses requiring you to have removable and interchangeable designs. We offer a wide array of vehicle wrap and graphic options, including full wraps, partial wraps, vinyl graphics, perforated window film, and vehicle magnets.

Partial Wraps

Partial Wrap

Partial car wraps target one specific section or area of your car for business promotion, such as your side panel, hood, tailgate, bumper, or back half of your vehicle. You may choose for a vehicle to be spot-wrapped, highlighting multiple specific elements such as the two front doors, hood, and bumpers for highlights or splash of color that truly makes your message pop.

Since partial wraps typically cover entire body panels, they provide the same seamless look that a full wrap will provide, at a fraction of the cost. Depending on your coverage amount, this can be a great option for the budget-conscious buyer.

Vinyl Graphics

Vehicle Graphic

Cut vinyl graphics are another great option for businesses who just want to add a few graphic elements to their vehicle, such as logos to their doors and hood. While they won’t provide the seamless look of a full or partial wrap, they can be much more cost efficient as you are only paying for the printed portion of the vinyl, not the entire sheet required for full panel wrapping.

Vinyl graphics provide a greater amount of flexibility as they can be applied quickly and easily to just about any clean, flat surface of your vehicle. They can also be used in conjunction with a full wrap if you would like to update or add additional elements.

Vehicle Magnets

custom magnet sign

Car magnets are a removable option that allows you to determine when you want to share your marketing message. These are popular for contractors who may work under various organizations, for those who live in signage restricted areas and aren’t allowed to advertise on their vehicle, or those who simply wish for their personal driving time to not be a reflection of their business.

Easy to remove, replace, and reuse, vehicle magnets are our most flexible option, available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles.

Perforated Window Film

vehicle perforated window filmPerforated window film is a great addition to a wrap, or can be used as a single element. These window coverings provide privacy to those in the vehicle, while still allowing them to see through the material. These are completely legal for use on back and rear side windows, and can be a great finishing touch for a full-wrap.

We provide Free Consultations to determine what is best for your vehicles, brand, and budget.

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Professionals Wraps For All Vehicle Types

Kansas City Sign Company provides attractive, durable vehicle wraps for all business sizes and types. We handle the entire process, making it easy to get the promotional graphics you need to reinforce your branding, introduce your business, and set your customers at ease.

We design, manufacture, and install high-quality vehicle wraps and graphics for all vehicles and brands. Our services include:

Looking for the ultimate in brand cohesion? In addition to your brand-building vehicle wraps, we also offer a full line of indoor signs, outdoor signs, custom signs, and vinyl graphics for use in other applications, such as banners and wall murals.

Reach out to the team at Kansas City Sign Company by calling (816) 656-3114 to discuss your business branding options.

Promotional Car Wraps

custom car wrapPromotional vehicle wraps are a great way to attract attention and publicity for your brand without doing any additional work. Passive advertising through vehicle wraps allows you to capture more ad impressions than any other media type, and since they are targeted to your local community, are a great option for Smithville, MO businesses.

Car wraps do more than promote your business; they help to protect your investment in your vehicle by providing a protective coating over your factory paint job. Long lasting and attractive in all weather conditions, wraps are a great option for any business that uses a vehicle as part of their normal operations.

A physical location isn’t necessary for a wrap to be effective. Those with home-based businesses, mobile businesses like food trucks, or those who share an office space may have a hard time advertising their services without a traditional storefront. Wraps are a great way to boost your visibility and spread the word about your business.

Unique Wraps for All Vehicle Types

Boat Wrap

In addition to standard car and truck wrapping, we can provide custom wraps for any vehicle type. Do you use a boat, trailer, ATV, lawnmower, tractor, or other equipment to assist you with your work functions? We wrap those, too!

There is no limit to our ability to customize and create unique business signage for you, on any platform. Want something else wrapped, like a refrigerator, drum set, desk, or anything else, just ask our creative designers to help you design the perfect office element!

Full-Service Vehicle Wrapping

custom fabrication of vinyl graphicsThe experienced, dedicated team at Kansas City Sign Company handles every aspect of the vehicle wrapping process. From our free consultation through installation, our creative staff is there to provide you with outstanding support and products.

We start with understanding your needs, desires, and goals for your vehicle wrap project. The more we know about why you are looking for vinyl wraps, the better our ability to provide appropriate recommendations and create an attractive design that meets your needs and supports your business goals.

Design, fabrication, and installation of your custom vehicle wraps are all done on-site at Kansas City Sign Company. This allows us to ensure that the process moves as quickly and smoothly as possible, and provides for a cohesive work environment and open lines of communication throughout the entire project.

Kansas City Sign Company understands the power of an attractive vehicle wrap has on your brand visibility, and that is why we create engaging wraps you are proud to put your name on.

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

Kansas City Sign CompanyKansas City Sign Company is dedicated to providing attractive, durable commercial vehicle wraps that build your Smithville business and promote your brand everywhere you go. For any size fleet, vehicle type, or business type, we make it easy for you to get a long-lasting, brand-promoting vehicle wrap that fits your budget, attracts more customers to your business, and supports your marketing goals.

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