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Commercial Building Signs
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Kansas City Commercial Building Signs

Kansas City Sign Company Offers High-Quality Custom Building Signs For All Businesses

Your business should have unlimited ways and strategies to catch the attention of potential buyers. Before you proceed to complex strategies, you must focus on your storefront or building façade first. The reason why you need to do so is that this is the first things customers see, which means they form their first impression based on your storefront. To improve your business, allow Kansas City Sign Company to help it gain a good first impression.

We offer state-of-the-start and unique building signs designed to make your commercial building stand out from the rest of your competitors. We create attractive and eye-catching signs to make your target customers curious about what products or services you offer. We also specialize in developing promotional signs, company logos, and brand logos. Our expert team works together all throughout the process of designing, manufacturing and installing the best signs for your Kansas City business.

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The Right Sign For Your Building

Building SignEach type of business has its own list of requirements when it comes to putting a building sign. There are several factors affecting the choice of the signage you should use. Factors like location, target customer, brand personality, competition, and budget must be considered. Otherwise, your audience will not notice your product.

We are proud to say that our company is the home of the best building sign consultants in the country. They will conduct an on-site evaluation as an initial step in assessing your commercial building. They always brainstorm together before proceeding to the actual evaluation. They have been doing this job for several years wherein they measure your office space, check signage elements, recommend products, and provide a detailed information about the process.

Furthermore, we are experts in customized sign making. We work on all aspects of sign making projects to give you a flexible service. If necessary, we assist in maintenance, repairs, and asking permission for a new signage.

Types of Building Signs

Wall SignWhen it comes to common signs, our consultants can help you decide which is the perfect one for the type of business you operate. Your building signs also vary on the location where your business is established. Whether you need a complementary surrounding signage or a contrasting type, we got it for you. We assure you that you will receive the most suitable building sign for your business. We offer custom-crafted signs which allow you to stay unique like using channel letter signs. We do not forget to add a cohesive touch to help your Kansas City, Mo business remain competitive and outstanding.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

Custom Channel Letter Building SignWe confidently say that our channel letters and dimensional signs are the most popular choice of our customers because of their versatility. Feel free to choose from a wide range of font, style, and colors. You can choose numbers, logos, letters, and shapes. Various business types pick dimensional and channel signs because they feature a durable design and are customizable. You can see them in most manufacturing facilities and retail stores in different towns and cities.

Another good thing about using channel letters is that they have a transparent face which makes them an eye-catcher. On the other hand, dimensional letters are usually cut from one acrylic or metallic sheet. It can also be backlit to make it more attractive.

Lighted Signs

Lighted SignAt Kansas City Sign Company, we also provide lighting signs for your building to help customers spot your place even at night. We offer backlit channel letters and cabinet signs. They work best for bars, theaters, convenience stores, gas stations and retail shops.

Projecting Signs, Hanging Signs & Blade Signs

Projecting Sign, Hanging SignProjecting, hanging and blade signs are positioned perpendicular to the buildings rather than attaching them to the façade. They are usually backlit and can be composed of customized materials like metal, wood, or urethane foam. These are best used when stopping traffic and businesses that do not have storefronts.

Canopy & Awning Signs

Custom Building Sign & Awning SignAwning signs have two different purposes: a storefront protector and a business identifier. They are made of stretch canvas materials but can be created out of metal and fabric materials. Regardless of your specifics and standards, it is recommended to choose the canopy and awning signs that have resistance to weathering.

Free Building Sign Consultation

We are looking forward to serving you and being a part of your success in the future. We are excited to provide the most interesting building signs to attract more customers and introduce your Kansas City brand. We are just waiting for you to call us to start the project.

Call Kansas City Sign Company at (816) 656-3114 for your Free Consultation with a Building Signs Expert!