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Durable Custom Monument Signs
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Kansas City Durable Custom Monument Signs


When you look outside of a corporate facility, you will often see what are called Monument signs, signs that can also be found in front of buildings, churches and schools.

Kansas City Durable Custom Monument Signs Monument Foam 300x183These are freestanding signs, ones that are going to be made of many different types of material including brick, marble, stone and they will have your logo or business name on the front, plus directional information. They are complementary signs, ones that will provide a better experience for people that use them. They are typically made of high quality materials, and they are often very memorable, allowing your Kansas City business to be set apart from all of those that do not have one.

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An Impressive Entrance

Kansas City Durable Custom Monument Signs monument sign outdoor 300x225Regardless of the Kansas City business that you are in, a monument sign is going to make a huge difference for your company. They are going to be memorable, eye-catching, and absolutely unique, leaving the person that sees them with a long-lasting impression that is positive.

When these are installed, they need to be at high level, and that is because there is no type of support or structure that is underneath the sign itself. This is a good thing because, as with most signs, they can begin to degrade very quickly because of being made of wood or other materials that will easily degrade, making this a very good long-term investment.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Tenant Monument SignIf you have gone to a shopping center, park, or a multi-building facility, they are commonly used there. If you have a multi-tenant monument, this can present the names of the businesses that are at the facility, which could be in manufacturing plant or even a corporate office.

It is best if you get one that is made of high quality materials, creating a traffic stopping sign that people will remember.

Custom Signs for Every Budget

Custom Monument SignAll of the signs that can be made will cater to your budget, specifications, and the specific needs that you are requesting for your custom sign. Different materials will be available, plus you can also choose the size of the sign, helping you create the perfect monument sign for whatever Kansas City business you are in.

If you want a show stopping sign, or if you would prefer something that is a little more basic, Kansas City Sign Company has the experience and tools to create one that you will definitely appreciate.

Free Monument Sign Consultation

Kansas City Sign Company is the best choice for anyone that would like to have monument signs that are custom-made, designed for longevity, and also professionalism.

Call Kansas City Sign Company today at (816) 656-3114 for a Free Consultation with a Monument Sign Specialist!